Ballybrown Equine Clinic

Our Facilities

Our facilities include:

  • 16 in-patient boxes, 3 intensive-care boxes and three isolation boxes.
  • Specialised foaling box.
  • 24-hour nursing care.
  • In-house laboratory: including blood testing facility, bacterial culture and sensitivity, direct microscopy and Artificial Insemination handling/storage equipment.
  • Portable endoscopes.
  • Portable digital radiography system (Eklin System).
  • Portable ultrasound systems.
  • Shockwave therapy unit.
  • Fully padded knockdown / recovery box.
  • Examination stocks.
  • Padded examination area.
  • Covered lungeing ring.
  • Hard surface trot-up area.
  • Turn-out paddocks.
  • Pharmacy and Equine Supply Shop.
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