Ballybrown Equine Clinic


At Ballybrown Equine Clinic we try to accommodate veterinary students and veterinary nursing students seeing-practice. The most appropriate time of year for seeing-practice is our busiest period i.e. between February and July.

We have a limit to the number of students we can take at any one time. If accepted, you will be expected to help in every aspect of the work here at Ballybrown. The normal working time is from 8.00am to 5.30pm, but hours are unpredictable, especially during the busy season.

Please bear in mind the following during your visit:

  • 1) Students must have experience of horses and be comfortable around them, for health and safety reasons.
  • 2) Students are expected to have appropriate safety footwear and clothing.
  • 3) Students are expected to bring lunch and to be prepared for irregular hours.
  • 4) Client confidentiality - you must not discuss any case that you see in the clinic with anyone who is not a member of the clinic staff.
  • 5) Client communication - Please do not discuss any medical or surgical details of any case with a client, unless expressly asked to do so by the vet in charge of the case.
  • 6) Transition year students are sometimes accepted, however, third level students have priority.
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